For all recreational opportunities, cards are available at the tourist office of Kemmel. Click here.


Some possibilities

  • Cycling  ...Make sure  that your legs are in good  condition...our hills are a real challenge.
  • Walking  ... If you are looking for quiet roads in unspoiled countryside with a landscape that is varied and full of surprises...You can use  the maps ' Heuvelland walking network' of Victorello.     
  • Mountainbike  ...Getting rid of stress, lowering your blood pressure, building  up your fitness reserves...dozens of climbs, sharp descents, narrow paths, woodland tracks... the expert will tell  you this region is a veritable paradise.
  • Horseback riding ...Westouter, the equestrian village with the unhardened paths and tracks...You will soon understand why so many riders set course for Heuvelland.
 Championship Football 2016      France (Lille/Lens)

Students did choose Victorello as the place to 'recharge' during the support of their country in this Championship 2016. Well done guys, you were representative for all student-guests.


 Thank you guys from Switzerland


 Thank you guys  from Ireland



 Thank you guys from Wales       and... Congratulations for your 3-1 Wales/Belgium 

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